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Protecting Your Privacy and Internet Safety

To protect your privacy, you should always delete the files that you have downloaded, saved, or created when you finish your computing session on any public access computer.

You may have saved files to the Desktop, where they will be clearly visible, or you may have saved them to the My Computer folder. You can delete files from the My Computer folder or any of its subfolders. Be aware that when you delete files to the Recycle Bin, anyone can open the Recycle Bin folder and restore those files to their original locations.

To delete a file so that it does not go the Recycle Bin and cannot be restored, highlight the file(s) and then hold down the SHIFT key while you press the DELETE key. The files will then be deleted without going into the Recycle Bin.

Before deleting downloaded or “saved” files you may want to copy them to a USB device or a blank CD. Consult the Library Computer and Internet Use Policies about copying material to a CD.)

Here are some important guides to Internet safety for parents and children:

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