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Make a Gift to the Library

“The very existence of libraries affords the best evidence that we may yet have hope for the future of man.”

—T.S. Eliot

This past year has been and remains extraordinary for all of us; I hope this letter finds you well. The library has also been affected by the changes around us, but we are very proud to continue serving your needs for youth programming and books via curbside, delivery, and limited in-person browsing.

Usually, we would detail some highlights from the year and dazzle you with growing numbers of usage… we have certainly hosted many wonderful events before, during, and after the lockdown and our patronage continues to grow. However, as l reflect on my own usage of the library during the past six months, I couldn’t think of a better way to illustrate its importance than with a few personal experiences.

During the lockdown this Spring, my two grade-school aged children were longing to see friends and experience something “normal.” Through the library’s Lego Challenge and other programming, they were able to do both for a little while each week. They also read through an amazing number of books during this time, and the youth library’s collection along with inter-library loans kept them engaged. For those hours when I couldn’t get to sleep and wanted to take my mind off the news or learn from different perspectives, I turned to books. Sometimes they were old favorites, but I also relied on the library staff’s help- via email and phone- to choose a book that would fit my needs. I can truly say that I have never valued the library’s presence and services more than I have this past year.

If you also have found comfort, instruction, challenge, or escape in books during this time please consider making a tax-deductible donation to the library. Your support allows our services to continue and thrive in the future. This year, in lieu of our Labor Day raffle, we are holding a raffle of one of Cyndy Bushey’s beautiful quilts! With each S20 increment that you are able to donate, you will receive one raffle ticket. Details of the raffle, including a photo of the quilt, can be seen on our website:

Thank you for your support. We are looking forward to opening the library with full services as soon as we are safely able. ln the meantime, stay safe and read on!