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Support the Brown Public Library

Shop the Library Bookstore

Brown Public Library Used Book Store has a wonderful collection of gently used books for both adults and children. Fiction, biography, history, philosophy, art–just about every subject you can think of. You will also find audio cassettes, CDs, and DVDs. New items are added regularly. Purchases make you eligible for a monthly prize drawing. The Book Store is open whenever the library is open. All proceeds help to support the Brown Public Library.

Adult and Young Adult:

  • Hardcover: $1.00
  • Large Format Paperback $0.75
  • Mass Market Paperback $0.50


Children’s Books:

  • Hardcover $0.50
  • Softcover $0.25


  • CD $1.00
  • Cassettes $0.50



  • DVD $1.00
  • VHS Free