High-speed Internet Access

  • Fast connection speeds — six tiers of service available
  • No dialing, busy signals, or waiting to connect
  • Free technical support

Say good-bye to the World Wide Wait! Trans-Video’s lightning fast service means instantaneous Internet. No waiting for basic web pages to load. No more waiting overnight to download e-mail, large attachments, or browser upgrades. High-speed Internet access from Trans-Video puts the web instantly at your fingertips.

High-Speed Internet access from Trans-Video includes:

  • Broadband, unrestricted access to the Internet via Cable Modem for a monthly fee
  • Installation of cable outlet
  • Local technical support — we’re here when you need us!

New Internet Speeds


All options require a standard or wireless modem.

High-Speed Internet Access

Bronze (up to 15Mb/1Mb)

Silver (up to 25Mb/2Mb)

Gold (up to 50Mb/5Mb)

Platinum (up to 100Mb/10Mb)

Platinum Plus (up to 150Mb/25Mb)

Platinum Ultra (up to 200Mb/25Mb)

DOCSIS 3.0 Wireless Cable Modem
$49.95 to purchase or
$5.00 per month

High-Speed Internet Access is also available as part of our Double Play, Triple Play or Home Run Packages.

Please note these are residential rates. Call for more details on our services for businesses of all sizes.